Jamie is a self-taught jewelry artist inspired while she and her family lived in the Philippines for ten years as missionaries. While there, she learned to source and purchase supplies at Fair Trade Prices from livelihood programs that supported indigenous people groups. As a result, a portion of every sale is used to support ministry and missions here in Rochester, NY and in the Philippines.

Jamie Martin

The artist and owner of Asyano

Thank you for considering my designs!

My Asyano collection offers a line of individually handcrafted jewelry with limited replications. Preferring the quality of vintage beads, crystals, and metal findings allows for a combination of old and new beading quality to create my signature style.  

Along with sourcing supplies from the Philippines; pearls, beading, shells, and glass also give Asyano jewelry its unique characteristics. 

Affordable pricing allows clients to attire their wardrobes with jewelry and accessories for an extraordinary look! 

Do you have a piece of jewelry in parts and pieces? Let me create a new design, or update, refresh, or repair well worn piece making it ready for you to sparkle again! 

Thank you for taking the time to read over my brochure and learn about what I consider a labor of love - combining jewelry with missions!

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